The Palm adventures in Dubai

Why every adventurous soul should visit Dubai


Nov 17, 2016

Dubai is a city known for being rich and beautiful. Its cutting edge architecture, fine-dining options and luxurious shopping malls make it the perfect destination to indulge in unique experiences.

But Dubai isn’t all champagne and chandeliers – it is a paradise for exotic adventures, be it on land, sea or thousands of feet above ground. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly trip or an out-of-this-world experience, Dubai is a city that offers something for everyone. Click on the tabs to check out six of the most fun, adrenaline –pumping action you can experience in Dubai!

Adventures in Dubai - dune bashing

1. Dune-buggy ride

Dune-bashing is the most exhilarating way to experience the desert. Gather your nerves and strap yourself in a dune buggy because this adventure in the Arabian desert makes for a white-knuckling experience.

You can choose to drive, or be driven by a trained safari guide in an automatic four-seater dune buggy, with soft drinks included. For beginners, you are recommended to be in the passenger seat as the trained guide takes the wheel. Depending on your comfort level, the guide can go slow or rev up the engine. However, if you’re comfortable behind the wheel and would like to take this experience up a notch, take charge of your own dune buggy and take turns to drive for a minimum of 20 minutes out of the two-hour limit with three other guests in your shared four-seater.

An exclusive buggy experience allows you to share the four-seater with your family and/or friends as you go for a spin along a designated desert trail with three other buggies, led by a safari guide in the fourth buggy.

Driver experience: Adults from AED 695 (SGD 262)
Passenger experience: Adults and children from AED 300 (SGD 113)
Exclusive experience: Adults from AED 1,500 (SGD 566)

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Adventures in Dubai - Camel trekking

2. Camel trekking

Mornings are the best time to explore the desert as you get to bask in the golden glow without the midday heat. And what better way to explore the breathtaking sand dunes than straddling a saddle atop a camel? Camels are symbolic of the Arabian culture so this is a must-do activity in Dubai. Fun fact: Camel derives from an Arabic word “ǧml” which means beauty.

You are allowed to camel trek for 45 minutes on a fully grown camel. The trail will bring you around the desert to take in the views, with a stopover at a lake for a picturesque picnic breakfast.

Camel trekking might sound relatively easy, however there are some things you can do that will make this a more enjoyable ride. Tips: Lean backwards as the camel tries to stand, and lean forward as it gets onto its front legs. Also, camels are stubborn and might not respond to instructions, so sway with the camel rather than try to control it or go against its movement. Lastly, relax! If you are calm, the camel will be too.

Adults: from AED 300 (SGD 113)
Children: from AED 250 (SGD 94)

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Adventures in Dubai - Desert camping

3. Desert camping adventure

The desert may look like an inhospitable stretch of sand, and camping out there should only be attempted by the likes of Bear Grylls. But in Dubai, even the desert comes with a slice of luxury. With comfortably furnished tents complete with towels, linen – even a bathroom and shower, you’ll feel like a VIP in a desert resort. Not to mention, an Arabic buffet dinner and hot breakfast.

When the night falls, the hot desert turns into a beautiful oasis that will charm you with its magnificent scenery. Day temperatures stay around 30 degree Celsius and dips to 15 degree Celsius in February, the perfect opportunity to channel your inner Aladdin and get comfortable under a blanket of stars.

In the morning, enjoy a camel ride, falcon show, and a dune drive to spot the desert wildlife.

Single occupancy: Adults from AED 1020 (SGD 385)
Double occupancy: Adults from AED 804 (SGD 304)

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Adventures in Dubai - Offroad adventure

4. Off-road adventure

Cruising along the United Arab Emirates’ East Coast in a four-wheel drive, you will be treated to scenery that you’ll never get anywhere else in the world: canyons, rocky valleys and fishing villages of the Hajar Mountains that set the perfect backdrop for a memorable picture.

A full-day drive will take you past scenic rocky landscapes and through majestic mountain terrains, all the way to Al Aqah coastline where you get to rest and fuel up with an international buffet lunch at the 5-star Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort. You’ll also get to visit UAE’s smallest mosque, the historic Bidyah mosque.

On your way back to the city, shop for local crafts, pottery, carpets, fruits and vegetables in the mountains at the Friday Market.

Adults and children: From AED 500 (SGD 189)

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Adventures in Dubai - Helicopter tour

5. Helicopter tour

Enjoy an unparalleled view of Dubai’s cityscape in a helicopter! The thrill of flying over the skyscrapers is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not to mention, a helicopter ride presents plenty of great photo opportunities.

Book a day flight and experience a bird’s eye view of the iconic Palm Jumeirah Islands, the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world at 830m (5 Singapore flyers stacked atop each other) and spot more landmarks from above.

A night ride in a helicopter will give you a dazzling view of the emirate’s cityscape, which will be so #lit. If you are celebrating a special occasion, this definitely makes for a magical memory.

If you prefer exclusivity, private charters are available upon request. Just remember to bring your passport!

Per person: From AED 675 (SGD 255)

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Adventures in Dubai - East Coast adventure

6. East Coast adventures

At Kalba, a natural and unspoiled town located on the East Coast, you get to experience the town’s coastal lifestyle through water sport activities like kayaking.

The scenery boasts Kalba’s beautiful creeks – the famous Khor Kalba that is home to mangroves, tidal creeks, sandy beaches and an array of exotic birds that make the small town a birder’s paradise.

Stand-up paddle boards are also available for if you’re looking for an exhilarating experience. The water sports centre is located within the Al Qurm Mangrove Reserve where equipment is provided and qualified instructors are on standby.

It will take one full day to get to Kalba from Dubai, which translates to a fun road trip!

Adults: From AED 360 (SGD 135)
Children: From AED 260 (SGD 98)

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